Priming, Painting, Insulation, & Trees

There has been a lot of progress in the past week, but I think that it’s not terribly exciting to look at in photos (except for people like me).

First, three tons of cobwebs have been sucked up.

The upstairs bedroom has been insulated:



The half dead tree from the backyard has been removed:

The trim & doors upstairs have two coats of primer:

Kitchen has been painted:


The wall where the piano will be has been painted (so that we won’t have to move the piano again):

Baby’s room has been painted and assembly of her dresser has begun:

And the first floor bath has the new tile floor situated and we should have running water by the end of this week!


The plan for this week is to put the paint on the primed trim and prime the living room ceiling so that the light fixtures can be installed.  I have wished more than once this week that there was such a thing as maternity painting clothes!  Two and a half weeks until baby arrives…..


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