Oh, hello blog.

The past couple weeks have been a blur.  We packed up our apartment and moved (again) into our house.  (The first move was in June to load most of our belongings into the basement).  Our house isn’t done yet, but we had to move in because our apartment lease was up.  We don’t have our kitchen installed yet, or our bedroom, and lots of plumbing/drywall/electrical work has yet to be completed, but we’re just happy to be home.  We’re still living in sawdust mess and lots of people in and out, but it’s all supposed to be completed by the end of the month.

In the weeks before moving, we had so much help and I am so thankful for it.  People helped us paint, watch our kiddos, assemble bunk beds, brought us food, cleaned and scrubbed, tore out old fencing, remove stumps from the yard, clean windows…I can’t even remember all of it.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

We moved in on Saturday, August 24th and on Tuesday, August 27th, we were introduced to this little babe:


School began on September 3rd, so we got to sneak in a family outing to the zoo with the babe before the start of the school year.  The girls have been asking all summer to ride the train and they finally were able to.  They loved every minute.

On the evening on the 3rd, we went with Marielle and our friends to the Mumford & Sons concert.  I know that some people would call me crazy for taking a newborn to a concert (especially because it turned into a late night), but you just have to understand how I feel about Mumford: their music is like, the theme song of my life. Mumford is the butter to my bread; the chocolate chip to my pancake. And so on.

Now we’re settling into our “new normal”, with two kiddos in school and two at home.  The girls love Marielle, but I can’t get any of them to change her diaper (yet)!  I’m working on that.

This week, the crane is loading the drywall for our bedroom in through the back dormer and next week is the kitchen cabinet install.  So excited for that.  In the meantime, there’s the dull jobs, like painting ceilings and cleaning up sawdust mess that’s been keeping me busy.  The only room that I can say is done is the babe’s, which is ironic because it’s the only bedroom we aren’t using right now.  She’s in our temporary bedroom with us until  our bedroom is completed. Here’s her room:


The electricians are here today hanging the remaining fixtures.  I am loving the hall light fixture and will have photos of that one tomorrow.

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