Summer At Last.

The kiddos are out of school and this is our first official week of summer. So far, we’ve cleaned out the garage, gone to the zoo, had a water fight, dug a flower bed, bought a bike, and have successfully packed away their winter clothes into their respective rubbermaid containers.  Whew.

It’s pretty cool to look back on the first day of school: we had just moved into our new home and three days after moving, Marielle was born.  And their shoes were so clean!

And now they’re all gigantic. To me, at least.

And yes, you can spy the smattering of paint colors I’m considering for the house trim in this photo.

On Monday, our first official day of vacation, we had a family meeting.  All the girls contributed to a list of things they wanted to do over the summer.  All my evenings this week, I’ve been working on making it into a poster with my limited-but-evolving design skills.

Now I hope to be able to find a cheap mat & frame for this.

Summer is off to a great start!



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