The Squirrel Problem

A couple of weeks ago, we blocked off some holes in the house that squirrels have been using (and by “we”, I mean Greg…but I watched).  There was one very unhappy squirrel in particular that tried and tried to get back in and was so frustrated that (as Greg tells it), charged toward him and screamed.

Since then, we’ve had several squirrel-free weeks but we have seen this squirrel trying to figure out another way in. You see, this is no average squirrel.


I woke up this morning to the sounds of the squirrel doing a victory lap (a very noisy victory lap) in the wall that our headboard is on.  Greg checked and he chewed a new hole on the underside of his old hole (which was blocked with wood and metal).  He was determined.

You have met your match, squirrel.  We are determined to keep you out.  You will lose this round, you rodent.

Oh, by the way.  These photos have not been altered in any way.  These are the exact squirrels we are dealing with.


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