The Fourth.

4th of July week was ridiculously fun.  As a mommy, it’s sometimes just fun, even necessary, to just have an all-out, run the kiddos around kind of time.  We did Summerfest and the zoo. The girls camped with their cousin and actually made it through the night in a tent.  We went to a wedding, to the Madison farmer’s market, ate at the best Laotian restaurant in the world, celebrated a birthday & anniversary, and went to two fireworks shows.

We did parades.  Yes, that’s plural.

We had fireworks in Grandma & Papa’s backyard.  Wearing winter-weight ball gowns for some reason.




We took a 3 person selfie, which proved quite difficult.  I think my arms are too short for selfies.

And Marielle vigorously ate her weight in watermelon.


Needless to say, all the kiddos had a meltdown last night on the way home.  An all out screeching whine followed by a two hour coma. Was it worth it?




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