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I am feeling nostalgic this week.  Last night, the girls were so excited to tell me that our gigantic rose of sharon tree was blooming.  It occurred to me that this was an event we missed last year because we didn’t live here when it bloomed.

One year ago, our family was living in a two bedroom apartment while our house was being renovated.  I was in the last stages of pregnancy, panicking about getting the house ready for us to live in, plus readying for the baby.

My feet in baby’s room, 3 weeks before d-day

One year ago, I would take the 3 girls with me to the house, toting movies and snacks to occupy them while I painted.  There was only one room that was clean enough for them to sit in to watch movies and I did my best trying to contain them there so they wouldn’t get in the way of the construction crew.  Plus, face it, I didn’t want them to “help me” paint.  I wish I was that kind of person, but I draw the line at handing a 3 year old a brush loaded with paint.



Also, the house had no plumbing so there would be no potty breaks (I say potty breaks because I’m a mom to young kiddos. Others may refer to it as “restroom breaks”).  Also, it was July in Wisconsin so it was extremely hot.  Also, the house had no air conditioning so it was stifling, thick, sawdust-ridden air inside the house.  Also, most of the painting had to be done in the windowless master bedroom because it was the only spot I could paint to keep the sawdust off the wet paint.  Also, I was 8 months pregnant.  Also, I had my three other children with me. Also, it’s worth mentioning twice that THERE WOULD BE NO POTTY BREAKS WHATSOEVER!!!!  I wasn’t going to quit painting, pack all the kids into a car and drive to a bathroom every hour.  Just not going to happen.

It was misery, folks.  I took breaks here and there to get fresh air and keep sanity, but I lost all pleasure I had in painting.

Anyway, we all lived through the month of July and were able to do a short vacation up north before baby arrived.

One year ago, my wonderful friend Megan agreed to take some photos before baby was born under some pretty strict guidelines set forth by me:
a.) photoshop my enormous bulging hand/arm veins out
b.) also photoshop out the paint on my arms and hands
c.) make it look like I just had a manicure

Thankfully, Megan agreed even though I was being neurotic and captured this sweet moment:

So that’s what’s on my mind today. I am so thankful for the journey we’ve had this past year. Thanks for coming along for the ride.



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