That Time Greg Chose a Paint Color

The upstairs bathroom for the girls was in sad, sad condition when we moved in.

Great sink, check.  Original floor & tile in meh condition, check.  Crumbling tile and old wallpaper, not so much.  We removed the wallpaper and haven’t painted the girls’ bathroom since we moved in.  In fact, it’s likely been 30 years since it’s been painted last.

And the windows are in terrible condition. And is that toothpaste smeared on the wall?  Girls.


I wanted to paint the bathroom a pale, blush pink that tied in the blue floors and new shower curtain.  But I DID NOT WANT PASTEL.  Dusty, not pastel.  I narrowed it down to two colors and asked Greg which one.  (Note: I was leaning toward a white with pink blush undertone). And he indicated “that I should choose the one with color in it” (i.e. the other one).  So I did. Like a sucker.

And it’s pastel.  Not just pastel, but the glowing neon kind of pink.

When Greg got home last night, I asked him to have a look at the bathroom and he began laughing hysterically.  “It’s awful!” he says.

Oh, now it’s on.  “YOU CHOSE THE COLOR!”, I point out.  Well, then he says that he hated both of the colors that I chose.  Thanks, Greg.  Thanks for pointing that out WHEN IT’S TOO LATE.  Oh, then he says that if I need help choosing other paint colors just ask because he’s recently become a color expert.  So I toss him the paint book and tell him to choose the colors for the exterior trim that I’ve been obsessing over.  And he chooses a blue (ahem,  think primary color blue) with a gray green.

Mmmm, hmmm.  Color expert.

Anyway, this morning the color does look better.  But from noon on it turns into the glowing neon.  Therefore, I will only look at the bathroom in the morning.

But of course the girls love glowing neon pink so the color will stay.  And I have learned a lesson about taking paint advice from Greg.

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