House Concert

We hosted a concert at our home on Saturday night. My to do list leading up to the event:

-Paint stuff that I’ve been dreading. Really, really dreading. I am so tired of oil base paint on trim.

-Clean the house, caulk the tub, put on doorknobs, sand some woodwork, paint the dining room & sunroom, etc.

-Keep the girls from wrecking the house after I cleaned it

-Hang lights on the ceiling. This proved a lot more difficult than it sounds on curved ceilings.

-Estimating how many people were coming and what to feed them

Of course, my crazy emotional state last week was making me overthink things.  “If you don’t get that trim in the mudroom painted, everyone will think you’re LAME and no one will like you.”  And for added stress I decided to prepare some food that I had never made before in hopes that it would be awesome. I mean, of course I should pair raisin bread with rosemary, fresh mozzarella, raspberry jam and prosciutto. But there was a chance it could turn out to be an epic fail which would certainly cause everyone to insult my cooking and leave the concert immediately.  Or so my brain tells me.

But all the stress and work leading up to it was so totally and absolutely worth it. Mike Mangione brought a five piece ensemble and they filled our home with amazing sound.  And the people…they filled our home with wonderfulness.

(Plus the food turned out pretty darn amazing).




















It was one of the best and most meaningful nights of my life. Mike and all the musicians with him are ultra-talented and lovely.  It’s a beautiful thing for people to share their talents & gifts with each other.



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