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Greg & I had a mini date yesterday for lunch.  And yes, when you’re a mama to four children, it still counts as a date when there’s one child along.

So Greg called around 11:00 to see if I was free for lunch. Let me think: um. yes. So I changed out of my “tired mama who is staying home today” getup into my “super cool urban mama who’s, like, totally rested” clothes. This involves Converse sneaks and a stocking cap in case you were wondering. I don’t know why but I didn’t make the rules on this.

So Super Cool Urban Mama chose Swig for lunch. And as you would expect of a cool downtown restaurant, Swig pulls off the rustic/industrial vibe very well.


The weather was cold and I wanted a warm, creamy something-or-other and settled on the quinoa burger.  Right now you’re probably thinking either that I am a health food nut who eats granola all day. Nope. I just like really good food.

You guys. I have had my share of terrible/tasteless/mealy/dry veggie or blackbean burgers before, but this was AMAZING. They must have some crazy voodoo magic back in the kitchen that was able to transform salty, crumbly feta cheese into creamy wonderment.

If you’re scared of eating some hippie fandango plant burger, consider this as your gateway option. Plus the bun had so much butter that it cancels out all those pesky health qualities!  Mmm…butter.

We shared a salted caramel torte for dessert.  Perfect amount of salty crunch on top.  The torte was good but honestly, I like the quinoa burger more.  Now that’s saying something.

I’ll be back, Swig. And next time I must take that recipe home.




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