Basement Fundamentals

In the next couple of weeks, the construction on the basement will begin so I’ve been chipping away at a couple projects to get ready.

We have several original doors left from the remodel that I’ve been refinishing in the basement over the past couple of weeks and now they’re looking a lot prettier.

Here’s the door I’m working on now. It used to be the swinging door between the kitchen and dining room, but will be the new (pocket!) door for the laundry room.

There’s a hard, glossy finish on it that’s been challenging to sand. I learned that while sanding, keeping tissues handy is a good idea. There’s a lot of sawdust!

We’ve also been looking into insulation options for the basement because it’s currently very cold down there. One of my neighbors told me about a program in Wisconsin that helps homeowners out with energy efficient upgrades.  The specific program we’re working with is Home Performance with Energy Star, which addresses air seal & insulation improvements.  I scheduled an energy assessment with one of Focus on Energy’s “Trade Allies”, Weatherization Services, for $99.  If you are income qualified, you may be eligible for a free energy assessment.

The assessment recommends different energy upgrades and after a Trade Ally completes them we will get an instant savings of 33% off the bill (up to $1250). Nice. There may also be some tax rebates available, which is something I am looking into now.

It’s not that fun to spend money on insulation, but this program helps the process be slightly more exciting. Plus we will have a snug little basement.

For those of you who don’t live in Wisconsin, check with your local utility company for a similar program. If your state doesn’t have a program, just consider moving to Wisconsin.

Problem solved.


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