Squeaky Clean


I am starting a detox today.

I’ve been hearing from friends who’ve done detoxes and have done some reading about it for over the past couple of years, but never seriously considered it, mainly because I think I’ll become a very hangry person or will just give up after the first morning.

I just like donuts too much. And fresh bread. Mmmm.

I eat a healthy diet overall: lots of veggies, beans, unprocessed foods and so on. But every afternoon from 1-4:00, I feel like crawling into bed and napping. I lose all motivation to do anything, which cramps any kind of intentional parenting in the afternoon. For years, I’ve attributed this fatigue to not being an afternoon person, but decided that a drastic change in my diet may be a good way to find out.

This detox promises many things. More energy! Radiant skin! Whiter eyeballs (weird, right?)! I thought about taking a photo of my eyeball to compare pre-and post-detox eyeballs, but that’s just strange.

So here’s to 10 days of leafy greens, fruits, raw unsalted nuts, and tea, my friends. You may note that I sound increasingly angry each day but let’s all hope it’s worth it for the whiter eyeballs, right? The first four days are supposed to be the hardest.



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