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“I want to flourish, I want my family to flourish, I want my daughters to flourish. And, I think that this gives us a really amazing context for that.”

I sat down awhile ago with Jabril Faraj of Milwaukee Stories to talk about the blog and the house project, but mostly we spoke about a couple significant chapters in my life that led us to our neighborhood.

Jabril asked about my small-town upbringing, our neighborhood, foster care & adoption, and the importance of belonging and finding a community. Below is a sampling of quotes from the interview. The full article can be found here.

“The house didn’t have heat (radiators were taken out) … it didn’t really have plumbing, there were plants growing out of the gutters, it needed a roof. We basically bought a brick shell.”

Wow, when I look back at photos of our dilapidated home and recall all the crazy we went through to renovate it while pregnant with Marielle…I think I must have been out of my mind (or incredibly naive) to buy this place. But it’s always been the people who are here and the people who continue to come that inspire me. They are the people that make Milwaukee my home.

Thank you, Jabril, for artfully telling the stories of Milwaukee through the people who call it home.  For the link to the complete article, click here. To support the mission of Milwaukee Stories, click here.


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