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Hey, all! I hope you enjoyed your Easter weekend.

We started our Easter celebration a couple weekends ago with our neighborhood egg hunt. This has been a neighborhood tradition for several years now. It’s pretty simple to do if you’d ever want to do it in your own neighborhood. Just buy some eggs + candy, have some neighbors help stuff the eggs, and then tag a couple helpers to hide eggs on the day of the hunt.

I should mention that having children stuff candy into Easter eggs will likely induce complete chaos.


But the egg hunt is always simple and fun!

Each year, we have between 800-1000 eggs for the neighborhood kids. The kids are the fastest kids on the planet, so the whole hunt only takes 10-15 minutes.  We also have bagels and hot coffee for after the egg hunt because it’s Wisconsin and the weather is typically cold/wet/rainy on egg hunt day. But we will not be deterred!

Egg hunt #2 was at my parents’ home over the weekend. We hold 17 children captive in the basement and then release the swarm.



Egg hunt #3 was Easter morning. That Easter bunny is always hiding the girls’ baskets in the strangest places but they love the thrill of the hunt!



I usually try to stash some non-candy items with all the other goodies in their basket. This year it was socks, dry erase boards, wind-up butterflies and princess crowns (thank you Target for having inexpensive cool stuff for Easter baskets!). And now Lucy likes to plan out her whole day on her dry erase board. She’s now more organized than I am.

Egg Hunt #4 was on Sunday afternoon. Once again, terrible weather but weather will never stop the kids from having a good time!







We had lunch and hung out with some of our favorite people on Sunday afternoon. The kids played, the adults drank coffee and caught up on some Jim Gaffigan. You know, Easter type stuff.


And our friend, (bless him), introduced Marielle to some great 1990s potty propaganda in hopes of getting her interested in using the potty. Someday.

I love these people and am thankful for this little life of mine. So very ordinary and extraordinary at the same time. Just like yours.

I hope you had a very happy Easter, too.


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