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Dining Room Chairs, Take 1

For the past five years, we’ve been using dining chairs from Craigslist. They were cheap and they held people. The end. I haven’t been in the mood (for the past five years) to look for new ones. Sure, they were uncomfortable and the top rail dug into my back if I sat there too long, but they were fine.

Just fine.

A few weeks ago, I was walking through Home Goods and I saw them. They beckoned me, like the Sirens in Ulysses.

And they were in my color–a perfect gray blue. And that handle? It’s just so…thoughtful.

They reminded me of these chairs, but for a fraction of the price.




I scooped them up immediately and brought them home. Naturally, I had to tell everyone that set foot in my house that I got these chairs at Home Goods and that they were exactly the same as the ones from Anthropologie, just to be a show off.

Oh, how I enjoyed sitting in them. My best thinking was done in those chairs. They are so comfortable! So stylish! They’re the find of the century!


The divot. THE DIVOT!!!

I’ve never minded the divot in our wood floor. Sure, it collects crumbs and the occasional Legos (#oldhouseproblems), but it’s easy enough to suck them out with the vacuum. But on this fateful day, Sage was sitting in my Thinking Chair and when she scooted back, the leg caught in the divot and the leg broke.

And so did my heart.

I sadly went to Home Goods and talked to the manager, and I may be able to return them for store credit (I don’t have the receipt anymore).

But let’s not be rash about returning them–there must be a way to save the chairs!

I did some research and found this product on Amazon.


I read the reviews and people have used this product for cast iron, head gaskets, and to put handles back on faucets. No reviewer used it to repair a prized chair, so I hope to report back that it works (please, please work). I have placed all my hope for the chairs within those tiny tubes. Wish me luck!

Also, I need to figure out how to fix that divot. Any recommendations?



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