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Winter Lakefront

A few weeks ago when it was bitterly cold, my friend Karin (in her classic Prepared Friend fashion), texted me in the car line at school: “Want to take the kids to the Bradford Beach? I heard there’s some amazing sights.” Um, no. I don’t. It’s, like, -20. It’ll be even colder at the lakefront with the breeze coming in off the lake. But since I’m trying harder to get out and do things in the winter, I sighed. Yes, I’ll go. This…

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Four Types of Friends

Something in me seems to have shifted. I don’t know if I’m able to articulate this well, but after 12.5 years of pregnancies, potty training, chasing toddlers, foster care, adoption, child-induced insomnia, moving, and renovating a house, I feel like I can look at the people who have been walking with me and I’m finally able to sigh deeply and say “Hey, I don’t feel like I’m in a crisis right now. How are you?” And as I consider the people…

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A New Year

I got cancer, you know. I thought ‘I might die of this’, so I decided I’m going to eat that chocolate cake. But I didn’t die, so now I have to lose 25 pounds. -My Aunt Laura  I hope you had a wonderful holiday season. I celebrated with family and friends over many meals and presents and conversations. Did I ever tell you that one side of my family is so large that we have to rent a school to…

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Financing Mold Palace

A lot of people have asked me how we financed Mold Palace, so I thought it was worth discussing here, lest you all think that we’re dripping in dollar bills. If you are dripping in dollar bills, you can bypass this post and can find another essay I’ve penned–I highly recommend anything and everything else I’ve written, particularly that essay about sending dolla bills to your fav blogger for her eloquence and subtlety 😉 Moving on. First step is to find your…

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