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Family Photos at Home

It started last year–through some rabbit trail of clicks–I was following Milwaukee photographer, Hannah Toldt. Over time, I noticed that she and I had some mutual friends and I figured it would be cool to know her in real life, so I messaged her to see if we could take a crack at getting to know each other. Hannah agreed and we met for coffee. We talked for a couple of hours, which is pretty unusual for two complete strangers…

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Featured Life+Family

Introducing a sticky life.

“Life is over easy. Everybody’s shell cracked.” -KB So I have this shiny new website. I decided to launch today because this is a very special day. Today, we celebrate the 5th anniversary of Luciana’s adoption. Adoption was never one of those things I thought much about, until one day someone mentioned that there are more kids in foster care in Milwaukee than there are families to take them. I never did verify if that statistic was accurate or…

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Featured Neighborhood

Gunshots & Carrots

Sage appeared in my doorway, wrapped in her comforter, her big sister right behind her. “Mom, were those gunshots?” It was 9:30 pm and the girls had been in bed for an hour. I had heard the shots–3 of them with several eerie pauses between–fired in the alley behind my house. I was hoping that the girls were asleep and didn’t hear. But here we are on my bed having a conversation I wasn’t prepared to have tonight. “Mom, why…

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The Culture of Sherman Park

My next door neighbor Bryan waved me over to his yard and asked, “Have you seen my Facebook post?” I hadn’t, so he showed me the window in his living room. In the center of that lovely, 90-year old leaded glass was a bullet hole. The previous night around 7pm, that bullet shot through the living room window and then through the glass paned-door that lead into his dining room. It was likely a stray bullet from several blocks away.…

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