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New Year: Same Jerk

It’s a week after New Year’s Day, which means most of us have already broken our resolutions. I can only hope we score some points for being consistent in breaking our resolutions. Consistency is important too, folks. I’m going to be honest with you: I’ve been struggling these past few months. One of my ailments is that I suffer from a chronic case of not-enoughitis. I have to-do lists, closets to clean out, an old house that constantly needs repair, writing deadlines to meet, groceries to haul, children to bathe and feed. But I have a home, a bestie that I’m married to, and four thriving kids. I even have a washing machine. So what I’m saying is that I—an able-bodied, healthy young person with four beautiful children and a husband that loves me—am a jerk. A jerk with seven pounds to lose. Here I am thinking there’s something missing, that something is owed to me. Oh God, help me. Save me from myself. Maybe I really am a jerk. This past summer, I was feeling similarly to what I feel now. I was in the midst of summer crisis (aka these kids make too much mess and need too […]

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Kitchen Essentials Edition

In the past year,  I did four rounds of the Whole 30. And when I say that I did four of them, what I mean is that I actually accomplished two of them. The other two were more like Whole 30-ishes. But even the ishes were solid attempts. For those that aren’t familiar with the Whole 30, it’s a strict 30-day challenge to help you with your food addictions, get your body clean, improve your health/sleep/skin and reconcile your relationship with food. It places emphasis on eating real foods in their whole form, but you’re not just stuck eating kale and apples every day–that would be terrible. There’s lots of guides and cookbooks available out there to help you eat approved Whole 30 meals–and are still delicious (but to be honest, there’s a lot of dud recipes out there too). Specifically, the Whole 30 means no sugar, legumes, grains, alcohol, dairy, MSG, or fun (just kidding). There were some days that I felt straight up rage that rice was not an approved Whole 30 food–I think I almost cried. Seriously. Obviously, I’m still working through some rage strong feelings I had while doing the Whole 30. Despite my breakdowns, I’m […]

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Veteran’s Park

Greg & I took the girls out to Veterans Park and my one of my favorite spots in the city, Colectivo on the lakefront. Yes, it’s cold. Yes, we’d rather watch Netflix and chill. But sometimes, you just need to get outside. We packed up the girls and some baseball gear and away we went. The best part of this excursion? It’s free, it’s fun, and the girls come home tired. It’s the trifecta–the holy grail of parenting. Greg walked Luciana and Marielle to the car and I walked with the older two to the cafe. There was a huge group of geese getting a snack from a friend. Did you know a group of geese is called a gaggle? We galavanted through a gaggle of geese. Sage was a little unsure about galavanting through the gaggle. We made our way to the cafe and ordered some pastries to share. And by pastries, what I mean is fancy pop tart and a chocolate covered rice krispie treat. Life gets hard and complicated sometimes. We rush from one thing to the next and it’s nice to push pause. It was a good afternoon to un-complicate our lives with a literal walk […]

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Milwaukee Holiday Events

There’s no shortage of great events to get you out and about during the holiday season. I know that Milwaukee has loads of events during the holidays, but there’s something about winter, coldness and early-onset darkness that seems to keep me tethered indoors. I’m kind of a pansy I guess. But no more! I’ve done some digging online to find things to do that are free/cheap/fun to tear me away from binge watching The Good Place. Sometimes, finding events online can be overwhelming. There’s loads of great websites that help you find out what’s happening this weekend, but there is no one stop shopping when it comes to finding out what to do this weekend. This website was really helpful for a yearly overview, but there’s not a lot listed for November-December. The Milwaukee downtown website was super helpful for finding holiday events. The holiday season kicked off officially this past weekend with the lighting of Pere Marquette Park on Thursday night. We checked out the Jingle Bus, which is a bus that tours different holiday light scenes around the city. Interesting story from that night: there were two officers on horseback and kids flocked to the horses to pet them. One […]

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