A Weekend in D.C. & Annapolis, Part 2

After two days of museums, it was nice to have an unscheduled day and Annapolis is a perfect city to wander about. The nation’s capitol used to be in Annapolis from 1783-1784. The capitol building is beautifully maintained and it’s definitely worth exploring. George Washington resigned his commission as general here. The downtown area is very walkable with brick sidewalks, local shops and old homes. I don’t know what it is about old homes, but I just love them. There’s so many stories in those walls. Genevieve had some babysitting money burning a hole in her pocket and she ended up with a pretty necklace from this store. We visited the Starbucks that George Washington frequented for his mocha frappuccinos. This was his favorite booth. We also visited Paul Revere’s favorite frozen yogurt spot, Tutti Frutti. Tiny houses were trendy back in the 1700s, too. This mug is an exact replica of the one Benjamin Franklin invented. See? There’s so much history here. We explored West Street and had lunch at Light House Bistro. I highly recommend this place if you’re in town. It’s a restaurant and a homelessness prevention support center. They provide training, living wage employment, and opportunities […]

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A Weekend in D.C. & Annapolis: Part 1

Genevieve turned 13 and Greg & I have been planning a bat mitzvah of sorts for this special birthday. We decided on Washington D.C. & Annapolis for a sampler platter of history, some quality togetherness, and to spend time with our friends in the area. And let me tell you that after raising four children day in and day out, it sure is nice to have some quality time with just one kiddo. We arrived Thursday night and spent our Friday at the Holocaust Museum and the Museum of African American History. I’ve been to the Holocaust Museum several times and each time, it’s like walking on holy ground. I didn’t snap many photos except for this one. Genevieve has read several books about the Holocaust including the Diary of Anne Frank, Number the Stars and The Hiding Place, as well as some historical fiction on the topic, so we were able to talk through some of the photos and exhibits we saw. Around the museum were monitors with some graphic footage, but there were small walls built around them so they weren’t readily visible for children. Some of the monitors had footage that was too graphic for Genevieve and I […]

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The Teen.

My baby turns 13 today. I remember the first time I looked in the mirror at myself after she was born. “People are going to know me as ‘Genevieve’s mom’”. And the thought of me–as Genevieve’s mom–both thrilled and overwhelmed me. She’s always been shy and sweet. I know she’s growing up and how we relate to each other will change.   I am proud of her–proud to be her mom. She is kind, smart and so talented. She’s so good at loving people and a very patient big sister. We had a birthday party for Genevieve, Lucy & Marielle a couple weeks ago. Their birthdays are so close together that it’s just easier to host family all at once (plus, one party is way less stressful than three). Our good friends let us host the party at their house and it was a beautiful day. I know that everyone in the Milwaukee area has heard of Simma’s Bakery. I had heard of it, but had never ordered or eaten a cake from there. Since this birthday was The Big One, we decided to order one from Simma’s. Genevieve felt so grown up when she got to choose her cake […]

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For a decent portion of my childhood, I wanted to own an orchard, tend a flock of sheep and live off the grid. I planned to make a living from the profits of fruit and wool and never want for anything or anybody. Yes, alone in the middle of nowhere–that was my dream. Maybe I’d learn to make delicious preserves, or devise an ingenious new grafting method to yield better fruit. It’s likely I’d win an award for said grafting, but–as an earnest woman–I would decline such frivolity and not attend the ceremony held in my honor because I was too busy spinning, harvesting, and whittling wood into delicate keepsakes. End scene. My life is slightly different that I had imagined, although I do have a flock of children and so far, they haven’t yielded any profits. I am still holding out hope. I do love a good day trip and Old World Wisconsin is pretty much perfect: it’s about 45 minutes away, you can bring in a picnic lunch (although they do have a restaurant on site), and it’s just so darn wholesome.   The girls wanted to wear their dresses because the people who work at Old World wear […]

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